Klear is a growth partner for B2B tech companies

We create strategy, execute it and train your team to build revenue-driven marketing operations

Klear works on completely different premises from pretty much any other consultancy or agency. That is because, most B2B agencies’ interests are not aligned with yours – their client’s interests.

Most agencies’ revenue model makes it necessary for them to sell more and more work and projects to you, and deliver them in a standardized way.

This goal will sometimes align with your actual needs, but the more mature your marketing grows, the less adequate it will be. For one, it will end up costing more. 

As your company starts to see results from your agency’s work, the agency may drift into this slightly schizophrenic state where they want to help you, but at the same time, they want you to be dependent on them. 

They want to keep selling you fish, but not teach you how to fish.

Sounds familiar? Of course it does, it’s how the world of agencies works – for now. 

But, we’re here to change that. 

A much healthier scenario for an agency/consultancy relationship:

  1. the agency does strategy and execution for you
  2. as you scale, they help you build a marketing department which starts with creating processes
  3. they then help you hire the right people and train them
  4. if needed, they stick around and consult with you on strategy.
Possibly, rinse and repeat in other areas of marketing/biz dev.

We are building Klear on these premises and constantly refining our approach to better fit the growth needs of technology companies.

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