ABM basics - Audit & Strategy

Strategy, messaging and 90-day roadmap incl. 3 workshops.
2995 for companies who qualify.* Value: €14,990
  • Marketing and Sales Audit
  • Ideal customer profile creation
  • Buying committee / Buyer personas definition
  • Target list building, ABM setup
  • Competitors' messaging-analysis
  • ...and more

* To qualify, you need to be a B2B tech/service company with product-market fit and strong commitment to grow.
For other companies, price is €14,900

If you are committed to breaking through – driving considerable revenue growth, but don’t currently have the talent with the experience and know-how in-house, you will want to consider partnering with Klear.

When you’re weighing the investment, consider that Klear will fill at least three roles for you, basically from day one. This means: you’d need to hire, train and manage three people to eventually create the results that we start delivering right from the start.

Growth sprints

Executing account-based/GTM strategies, starting at:
4180 Monthly
  • Done-with-you and done-for-you variations
  • Writing copy that converts
  • Crafting sales&marketing collateral that works
  • Creating and managing ad campaigns that get results
  • Creating video that engages your audience
  • Creating podcasts that hooks decision makers
  • Training and coaching your team, so you will scale
  • Managing the project to make sure we hit OKRs, KPIs
  • Documenting processes for solid foundations

Working with Klear, we’ll build your growth team and processes together – so that you can eventually operate growth and launch new campaigns on your own.

We usually start with an audit/strategy. This is a 30-40 day process with workshops, customer interviews, analysis and planning.

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