If you are committed to breaking through – driving considerable revenue growth, but don’t currently have the talent with the experience and know-how in-house, you will want to consider partnering with Klear.

When you’re weighing the investment, consider that Klear will fill at least three roles for you, basically from day one. This means: you’d need to hire, train and manage three people to eventually create the results that we start delivering right from the start. 

Working with Klear will result in us building your growth team and processes together – so that you can eventually operate marketing and launch new campaigns on your own. 

With most clients, we start by auditing their current marketing and devising a strategy. This is a 30-40 day process with workshops, customer interviews, analysis and planning.

Audit and strategy

Strategy, messaging and 90-day roadmap through 3 workshops
2995 for companies who qualify.* Value: €14,990
  • Buyer Persona Research
  • Ideal customer profile creation
  • Messaging
  • Brand narrative
  • Competitors' messaging-analysis
  • ...and more

90-day growth sprint

Executing account-based/GTM strategies, starting at:
7180 Monthly
  • Writing copy that converts
  • Crafting sales&marketing collateral that works
  • Creating and managing ad campaigns that get results
  • Creating video that engages your audience
  • Creating podcasts that hooks decision makers
  • Training and coaching your team, so you will scale
  • Managing the project to make sure we hit OKRs, KPIs
  • Documenting processes for solid foundations

* To qualify, you need to be a B2B tech/service company with product-market fit and strong commitment to grow. For other companies, price is €14,900

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