Fulfilling work in B2B Marketing

Klear is a B2B growth-marketing agency based out of Budapest. Working with us, you will be building the market presence of great tech and consulting companies. These businesses are typically leaders in their home countries and are looking to step out on the global scene. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, a very fulfilling one.

We only work with a handful of businesses, whose mission we ourselves believe in, and whose management teams’ culture closely fit our own. (Read: we only work for awesome companies run by cool people.)  

As a member of the Klear-squad, you will get deep training on our unique recipe to B2B marketing and business development. We can only serve our clients by becoming better people and professionals every day, so building skills and competencies of our team is a huge part of our focus. 

Klear is the perfect agency for a few of you reading this page, and probably not ideal for most of you. Read on to know whether you’ll love being a team member at Klear.

Job opportunities at Klear

Klear's core values


Progress = fulfillment. The key to a happy life is the journey of gradually getting better at things as a person and as a professional. We seek to learn&improve and get our egos out of the way of learning. 


There’s almost always a scarcity of resources. We make things happen by being resourceful. “Impossible” is an opinion. We always have a ++ mindset from knowing: we’ll solve any challenge worth solving.

Compassionate Capitalism

Capitalism: we play to win for our clients, for ourselves. We take pride in success. Compassion: we are people first and foremost and recognize our calling to impact this planet beyond our business.  

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