Adam Robinson’s growth journey to $20M ARR

Behind the scenes at and RB2B; growth wth no funding, using just crazy-good content

How One Renegade Founder Hacked His Way to $20M ARR Without a Dime of VC Money

You’re about to meet a true Saas rebel.

Adam Robinson, the mastermind behind and RB2B is living a wild story that’ll make you rethink everything you thought you knew about scaling a SaaS.

This man bootstrapped his way from zero to $20 million in annual recurring revenue, all without taking a penny from investors. His not-secret weapon?

Crazy good content.

See, Adam cracked the code on LinkedIn. While most founders were busy chasing after VC dollars, he was heads down building a personal brand that his target customers couldn’t resist.

Adam’s posts were raw, real, and ridiculously engaging. Tech leaders started flocking to him like moths to a flame. In just 18 short months, Adam racked up nearly 80,000 followers hungry for every morsel of startup wisdom he dropped.

But he didn’t stop there. Adam turned his LinkedIn profile into a lead gen machine. He’d reel folks in with his content, then BAM – 60 days later he’s sliding into their DMs to book a demo. The result? An absolutely bonkers 80% conversion rate.

While the rest of the Valley was burning cash on Facebook ads, Adam kept it lean and mean. He poured his heart and soul into creating content his audience craved. No fluff, no gimmicks – just real, hard-earned insights from the SaaS trenches.

And man, did it pay off. went from a scrappy side project to a category king, all thanks to the power of Adam’s personal brand.

So listen up, founders. You don’t need a monster Series A to make it big. You need to find your voice, speak your truth, and never stop delivering value.

Take a page from Adam Robinson’s playbook and watch your startup take flight. This is the new blueprint for SaaS domination in the 2020s. And it all starts with hitting “post” on LinkedIn.

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