Walkthrough of our Entire GTM Framework | Ep. 57

This episode took Dan 12 years,
4 jobs in Saas as a marketer,
3 overseas conferences,
34 lbs of coffee,
talking to 69 CEOs and founders,
and launching at least 26 failed campaigns to make.

In this tell-all episode, Dan delves into what drives success at Klear. 

First, we believe that the true recipe for success, if you must, is a well-defined go-to-market strategy. The video is pretty much a goldmine of insights on how to do GTM right. From how to get deals, and analyzing your GTM maturity, to figuring out your archetype, and identifying buyer stages, it has it all. 

Second, it includes walkthroughs of tools we use over at Klear. When it comes to tools, we believe in strategic minimalism here. We do use a bunch of tools, sure, but we focus on what each one does best. 

The document in this video is the fruit of all the experience, expertise, and exposure Dan has to offer. It has the working models, tools, processes, and frameworks we use at Klear. And, It is THE go-to-market framework for B2B tech and service companies.

Key takeaways:

  • What do GTM and ABM really mean?
  • What are the missing pieces of the puzzles that get you deals? 
  • What is the GTM Delta, and why should you care about it?
  • GTM maturity, and how to find companies that fit your criteria
  • The GTM archetypes  
  • Finding your ICP and TAM
  • Stages of the buyer journey and how to identify them
  • And ofcoruse, all the tools we use at Klear

To say the least, this resource is a goldmine. And you can get your free copy here: https://klearb2b.activehosted.com/f/22

Happy learning!

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