SaaS marketing strategies in rising competition | Spark 107

The landscape in 2024 is way more competitive for tech and Saas companies.

Everyone can equip SDRs with tools like Apollo and Clay that makes prospect research and personalized outreach a breeze.

To differentiate marketers can focus on storytelling, memorable buying experiences and partner marketing,

GTM cost ratio have doubled

The GTM cost ratio is the money that companies spend on sales marketing, divided by the net new revenue per year. It has jumped from 125% to 228% in the past 12 months – which is a huge jump.

3 ways to stand out

Focus on Story

A compelling narrative matters more than ever. In 2024 it’s not enough to just show up when buyers want to buy, you must start your targeting way earlier in the buying process.

You have to start targeting before they are in market.

You have to be the first one at the gate. So when people are dropping into buying mode you already have to be on their radar.


Focus on memorable buying experience

Traditionally in B2B, people would take out their clients or their prospects to golf and to restaurants. That’s becoming scammy and illegal so you need to think of other ways to create memorable buying experiences.

We recommend looking for ways in which you can add personalized value. If you view every single company as a market of one, it can reapply pay off to research each the buying committee members.

Perks like gift cards and nice dinners might help, but do not expect it to make a huge difference as most of your competitors are already doing that.


Partner Marketing

Collaborating with companies that sell to the same audience but don’t compete directly is becoming increasingly popular. Providing value to each other’s buyers and helping each other grow. Partner marketing can be a great way to scale beyond 8-10 million in revenue, but only if your company has its own GTM process figured out already.

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