B2B Growth Marketer - Account Manager

B2B Growth Guru Job

With this job mission, you have the opportunity to help great tech companies grow on the global market, without the usual pain of agency-life. This is a fast-paced, fast-learning environment where you get to work with exciting tech-clients and use leading marketing technology daily.

Your mission is to get results for Klear’s clients – who are based on 3 continents – using our proven framework for B2B demand generation, brand building and account-based marketing. You’ll be working alongside the CEO and directly with clients in managing projects, as well as executing our B2B growth-plays.

To get a feel for what this mission entails, why don’t you peek into what a typical Growth Marketer’s day looks like… 👀

  • You snap open your laptop. With a mug of caffeinated beverage, you get ready for the daily scrum meeting with your colleagues. People say ‘hi’ and what they’re up to, where they need help. A few jokes are cracked, and everyone is primed for the day.
  • You prepare for a client call by brainstorming concepts for a new campaign of theirs that you will launch and manage.
  • For another client, you’re scripting an email campaign and load it into their marketing automation platform.
  • It’s show time! You’re interviewing a guest for our podcast 
  • You’ve launched a wicked-cool campaign for another business a few days back, so you jump in the client’s CRM and web analytics platform to analyze it. You pull up an amazing report and impress the client and provide advice on what to improve next time.
  • You’ve just read a great marketing book which gave you ideas on how to improve a landing page. You discuss with the client and jump right into WordPress to make the update, improve the copy.
  • Can you believe it? It’s already lunchtime, so you turn off, tune out, meditate/run/eat or take a power-nap.
  • The afternoon is just as action-packed, but you find time to read and learn. You log into one of the paid learning-platforms we’re subscribed to, and deepen your knowledge in B2B marketing.
    You’re prepping new insight and knowledge for the monthly internal meetup.
  • You’re checking the content calendar – it’s time to craft thought-leadership posts for two of your clients, so you put your headphones on and get in the zone for creating thought-provoking social media content.
  • This is a remote position, so you’re free to take a yoga class or what not, in the middle of the day, as long as it doesn’t collide with anything. Although the job is remote and we meet several times a day on Zoom, we do get together in person (if you live in Hungary) to work, brainstorm or have a beer. Nothing beats the occasional real-life flow of in-person brainstorming sessions. 

What you bring to the table

Here are some of the traits you possess as a future B2B Growth Marketer:

  • Curious: you like to learn about things and question the status-quo.
  • Open to learn and coachable: you’re also able to question your own beliefs, change your thinking.
  • Emotional intelligence paired with great communication skills: you’ll pick up the phone and sort out any conflict or issues with people intelligently.
  • Annoyingly positive mindset: you drive your environment crazy with your optimism, always finding the good things in seemingly bad situations and never groaning. You’re always optimistic, but also acknowledge difficulty, hardship and screw-ups.
  • Extreme-ownership: you go all-in and all the way and take full responsibility 
  • Analytical and hungry for the truth: you want to get to the root of things and discover the underlying essence. 
  • Action-driven: even though you are data-driven, you don’t over-analyze things and are quick to take action.  
  • Team player: we can’t get results with lone wolves and egocentric folks, right? Besides, it’s always more fun with teamwork.

Skills and competence

PM, execution

Here are some skills our best Growth Marketers possess:

  • Content marketing skills: you understand TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, content segmentation, repurposing and can write in a way that engages readers.
  • Social media: you understand what pops in social, especially B2B and especially LinkedIn.
  • You get video and podcasting.
  • Preferably, you have a wide range of experience in various digital marketing topics and deep experience in content or copywriting. 

Experience, knowledge:

  • At least 1-2 years in digital marketing, especially content and copy
  • Super English – be able to write close-to-native level
  • Hungarian: it’s an advantage if you speak/write Hungarian
  • Degrees: we don’t care much about college degrees, you don’t need one to apply. You can apply as a student if you have sufficient experience and can #getshitdone.

What Klear will give you

To optimize awesomeness for our clients and ourselves, we are constantly engineering an environment where three things are in balance: performance, fun, learning. 

We are constantly evolving our ecosystem to cater for performance, fun and learning in a remote-work setting. The team periodically gets together in Budapest for in-person meetings and beers (when possible) for team members who are based in Hungary. 

The atmosphere is pretty informal, which also means you get more decision-making power than in most similar roles elsewhere. This perk comes with responsibility, but it also increases your ownership-experience and makes it necessary to be proactive. If you like freedom and taking responsibility, you’ll love it at Klear. Performance, fun and learning.

Our projects will also give you the sense of creating impact; we’re a small company and our clients move fast, so almost everything you do as a marketer is very visible – you get direct feedback, which is nice.  Makes for faster learning, too. This is definitely not a role where you’re just a cogwheel in a large machine without feedback.

It’s important to mention that this is a very hands-on role, meaning you need to both work in the trenches – as in, get your hands dirty with writing, campaigns and brainstorming. You also need to manage your account and project to some degree.  


Klear in a nuthsell

Klear is a B2B growth-squad based out of Budapest. Working with us as a B2B Growth Marketer, you will be directly helping great tech and consulting companies dominate their markets doing demand generation, B2B brand-marketing and account-based marketing. 

We only work with a handful of businesses whose mission we ourselves believe in, and whose culture closely fits our own. (Read: we only work for awesome companies run by cool people.)  

As a Growth Marketer in the Klear squad, you will get deep training on our recipe to B2B marketing and business development. You will receive further training on the principles and practice of account-based marketing. We can only serve our clients by becoming better people and professionals every day, so building skills and competencies of our team is a huge part of our focus. 

Klear is the perfect place if you want to work with exciting clients from different countries, grow fast, learn fast and you are willing to put in the effort. However, Klear isn’t right for everyone. Check out our core values to see if you align:

Kore values

Progress = fulfillment. The key to a happy life is the journey of gradually getting better at things as a person and as a professional. We seek to learn&improve and get our egos out of the way of learning.
There’s almost always a scarcity of resources. We make things happen by being resourceful. “Impossible” is an opinion. We always have a ++ mindset from knowing: we’ll solve any challenge worth solving.
Capitalism: we play to win for our clients, for ourselves. We take pride in success. Compassion: we are people first and foremost and recognize our calling to impact this planet beyond our business.

Don’t get us wrong – none of these preferences are “bad” – they’re just not what we need for this role.

Does this Mission sound Exciting?

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