Creating and executing an international go-to market strategy

Before Klear​
After Klear​
No consistent social media presence.
Positioning Hiflylabs as the market leader and running a Linkedin content engine for four profiles, boosting reach and engagement.
Inconsistent content production and distribution
Created and implemented a content production and distribution mechanism + supported the creation of blogs, podcasts, and more, which was later insourced by Hifly. Co-creating content with the Analytics Engineering team to develop SME thought-leadership.
No ABM programs
Developed messaging and positioning, and ran multiple account-targeted campaigns that penetrated tier 1 accounts.
No international presence
Klear helped Hiflylabs devise a new strategy to differentiate itself in the red ocean of analytics service providers. Finalized ICP and messaging, wrote copy and content for an on-brand website and ran multiple ABM campaigns to help client expand in international markets.

About Hiflylabs

Hiflylabs is a well-known data and IT consultancy in the Central and Eastern European space, boasting the region’s largest companies in their client portfolio. Expertise, years of dedication, and having built a positive culture in the company has helped Hiflylabs scale to 150+ full-time employees.


Budapest, Hungary


IT Services and IT Consulting

Used Klear for

GTM strategy, presence on data stack market



The Challenge

Tom Cseh – Commercial Director of Hiflylabs – had a problem. 

  • He was tasked with entering the Western European and North American markets. 
  • With that geographic expansion, all of a sudden, Hiflylabs was facing thousands of competitors against whom they currently had little (no) differentiation. 
  • To make matters worse, they knew that the relationship and referral-driven go-to-market strategy they had used to ground themselves locally, would not work globally.
  • All-in-all: Hiflylabs needed positioning, a go-to-market strategy; and someone to lead execution as well as implement it.

While they had taken on a few international projects in the past, it was crucial for Hilfylabs to establish authority and a presence in the modern data stack realm to take on the competition and win higher-margin projects. 

Attracting and retaining tech talent was a strategic priority, and Hiflylabs needed to act fast.

Klear is a great revenue marketing/ABM agency that gets results. They bring a solid amount of experience and the most up-to-date insights/knowledge in B2B the table. Klear has played a key role in shaping our thinking and operations around aligning marketing and sales. I was particularly pleased with the growing engagement on our content and the show-up rate of our first webinar-campaign, orchestrated by Klear.

Tom Hifly

Tom Cseh

Former Commercial Director

The Solution

Tom approached Klear to help Hiflylabs develop a go-to-market strategy and establish a presence in the modern data stack realm on the most competitive markets in the world.

Starting with thorough customer research – conducting interviews with their best clients, we organized a series of workshops where helped them accurately define the ideal customer profile, craft messaging and positioning.

Next up was treading on the journey to create a full-fledged, always-on content machine for Hiflylabs. This meant setting up demand-generation activities and creating thought leadership content which was facilitated by Klear’s Revenue Growthmapping framework, through which Tom Cseh and the Hiflylabs team aligned revenue programs, determined success criteria, and put the right activities in the right places. 

Klear also helped Hiflylabs establish an account-research process and processes for ABM motions. Klear did the planning and executing of campaigns initially, and later coached the client’s in-house team to execute subsequent campaigns.

Both content production and campaigns were led by the Head of Marketing, Dóra Rajtmár from Hiflylabs. Dóra managed to get buy-in and participation from the brightest subject matter experts at Hiflylabs to advocate for themselves and the company on social media. Doing this helped position them as thought leaders. She even managed to organize Eastern Europe’s first-ever hybrid dbt meetup at a cool venue in Budapest.  

Klear also helped Hiflylabs set up a video-content cadence. Initially, Klear produced videos from recording to publishing and distribution. Later, we helped the client insource parts of the process.

Another highlight of Klear’s work was creating a webinar motion for cold target accounts. The first webinar Klear created for Hiflylabs resulted in an 82% show-up rate from targeted accounts who registered – thanks to the carefully selected target audience, the topic that addressed a key and very current pain point (reducing Snowflake costs), as well as the priming sequences that were sent out prior to the webinar. This webinar blueprint is now an evergreen resource that can be used by the client over and over again to get target accounts to engage with their live content. Rinse and repeat.

Klear really knows ABM and the technology space – they bring highly implementable ideas to the table and have been great at opening our eyes with their outside-the-box thinking. They gave a massive boost in re-building our marketing from the ground up and played an important role in planning and educating our team.  I like their systems and it’s great to work with them.

Dora Hifly

Dóra Rajtmár

Head of Marketing


Success with Hiflylabs has four key components:

  1. the awesome work by Hiflylabs’ marketing, sales and modern data stack teams, 
  2. their subject matter experts’ active participation and support in content creation,
  3. Klear’s vision on how a modern revenue team should operate; and experience in getting marketing- and revenue operations off the ground,
  4. Klear’s unique approach, out-of-box thinking, and deep account-based marketing experience

The client’s modern data stack division saw significant growth with new and exciting projects popping in their pipeline from Europe and North America, and eventually, closing successfully.

Pipeline velocity metrics improved, and qualitative feedback from sales revealed that it was much easier to go from ‘cold’ to ‘discovery’’ because prospects knew about them. 

This was made possible by thorough research and understanding of Hiflylabs’ buyers and buying committees and co-creating content with the Analytics Engineering team. This, coupled with the consistent messaging across the marketing assets that catered to an international audience helped Klear accelerate Hiflylabs’ growth engine. 

Slowly but surely, there was an internal shift in the attitude toward marketing’s role in creating business value; from being a supporter to having a seat at the revenue table. 

The sales process shortened significantly for Hiflylabs’ outstaffing services because prospects were pre-empted, and made aware of Hiflylabs’ experience. As a result, they had confidence in the brand. According to the sales lead of modern data stack services, Mark Soos, their prospects commonly referenced Hiflylabs’ valuable content and presence on various channels such as LinkedIn.

With the help of Klear, Hiflylabs has managed to accelerate its marketing operations and build one heck of a demand generation mechanism while opening new avenues of cooperation with sales in ABM motions. Optimizing and scaling this machine is the next leg of the journey.

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