Creating a podcast from scratch ft. ChatGPT | Spark 104

In this short episode of Spark, Drishti Sanghavi talks about the process of creating a podcast from scratch using ChatGPT. Drishti explores generating podcast topic ideas, comparing the initial structure provided by ChatGPT to their expectations, and refining the script’s tone.

We highlight how ChatGPT can help you in generating content for slides, podcast names, taglines, and even creating a brand for the podcast.

Brainstorm about podcast topics

ChatGPT is a significant help for marketers and content creators to ideate new topics in various ways. ChatGPT’s generated content can save time, particularly for marketers or non-experts in the subject matter.

Cut down prep time significantly

You have to convince leadership or whoever’s appearing on the podcast to check the script, and prepare for it beforehand.

So it just so much easier for the them and also for external guest to prepare for it, because it cuts down their prep time by 30-40-50 minutes or even more. They are also more likely to agree to doing this if you prepared everything for them beforehand.

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