Marketing vs GTM Planning | Ep 55

In this episode Dan talks about marketing planning and walks you through the steps to create a more holistic GTM plan for your team or company.


Integrating Marketing into the GTM Process

Marketing planning in a B2B context often presents challenges. In many B2B organizations, marketing planning is perceived as a standalone endeavor, resulting in vague goals and a lack of alignment with broader business objectives.

Marketers need to break free from this siloed mentality and instead incorporate marketing planning seamlessly into the GTM framework.

This way businesses can ensure that marketing efforts are aligned with sales objectives, customer needs, and overall organizational goals.

Okay, but how to do it?

Understanding the Buyer Journey in GTM Planning

It’s like having a treasure map of customer insights, revealing behavior patterns, pain points, and where to sprinkle your marketing.

It’s time to transitioning from old-school sales-led tunnel visions; it’s time to embrace the full funnel journey, including those sweet post-sale activities.

But first, you need to get every department on board! Sales, Marketing, Customer Success – maybe even finance.

It’s like planning the ultimate road trip; everyone needs to be on board and heading in the same direction for a smooth ride to success.

Defining Goals and Impact Areas in the Sales Pipeline

In high-ACV (Average Contract Value) sales organizations rather than fixating on surface-level metrics such as MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads), take a more nuanced approach: one that focuses on identifying areas of impact and aligning resources accordingly.

By pinpointing key areas of impact, such as lead conversion and demand generation, your business can allocate resources effectively and maximize ROI.

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