How to create boomerang campaigns | Spark 102

In this short episode a.k.a Spark, Dan Zsolt Rényi talks about boomerang marketing campaigns, the concept of repeatability particularly in the context of webinars.

Zsolt goes into details how B2B companies should consider doing a second webinar using the same topic and content.

Boomerang webinar campaigns

Creating a webinar requires a ton of effort. Instead of leaving money and opportunity on the table, it’s super useful to do a second webinar around four weeks down the line using the same exact content. The process of repeating an existing webinar takes minimal effort and can expect almost the same results as the first campaign.

Live Audience

Your prospects may need time to process and accept your message. By repeating a webinar campaign, you give them a chance to attend if they missed it the first time or take advantage of an improved version. Doing it live allows you to interact with the audience, get to know them and answer their specific questions.

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