Five Learnings After Running An ABM Agency For 2 Years – ep 44

It’s been a fun, enlightening, action-packed 2 years at Klear. We started in the middle of a pandemic and grew the company through these tough times, so I’ve learned quite a few lessons over the years.

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Here’s what no one tells you about running a B2B Marketing/GTM/Demand Gen/ABM agency:

  1. You’re going to pick up marketing and sales skills, fast

When you’re working with multiple clients, handling multiple projects, and acting as their fractional CMOs for this long, you’re going to pick up skills very fast. Running and managing an agency is the fastest way to pick up skills as a marketer.

  2. You’re not going to call yourself a marketer

I run a marketing agency, and I don’t call myself a marketer anymore. Well, let me rephrase: I identify less and less as a marketer in the traditional sense. The marketing game has changed completely over the years, and right now, Revenue Operations is the way to go for B2B organizations.

The lines between sales, marketing, and customer success are blurred in B2B, which means looking at Revenue holistically is your best bet. So, I just call myself a revenue or a GTM (go-to-market) person now.

  3. 50% of your success doesn’t come from strategy or execution

Managing the best people takes time and effort, and that is a skill set you cannot replace. Sure, not everything is a gamble, but marketing isn’t a safe game, so without experimentation, it is all meaningless.

Working with clients that are hungry for growth and open to ideas is ideal. A mediocre product can win with the help of a great team that consists of risk-takers and go-getters, people that have high agency and accountability, and can own their shit.

  4. ABM = GTM = Revenue

B2B is ABM. More and more, we see B2B companies shifting to the ABM approach where specific accounts are in focus. The intensity of the focus depends on your ACV, the higher the ACV, the more laser-focused your approach (and consequently less volume).

2 years ago, I was sold on ABM, but now I realize that ABM is just a fraction of the big picture. Focusing on the entire GTM game is the way to go (as outlined in #2)

  5. Mass cold outreach is dead

Before I started this agency, I was on the fence about mass cold outreach. But now that I’ve seen it work less and less, I’m convinced that it needs to stop. It’s doing more harm than good with your brand’s reputation on the line. And let’s not even get started about the bridges you’re burning forever because of an overtly aggressive approach!

Want insight on how we run kick-ass marketing programs for our clients?


ABM stands for account-based marketing. In simple terms, ABM is used to target a certain set of accounts within a market. A personalized approach to selling works well for B2B brands since they have a higher ACV (average contract value) and longer sales cycles.
Go to market (GTM) is a strategic plan that details how all revenue functions will work together to create revenue. This plan details the messaging, positioning, competitor research, etc of a company.

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