The 4 Archetypes of Marketing Growth Mindset

In this episode Dan and Drishti talks about the 4 types of marketing mindsets in growing tech companies. These archetypes correspond to different stages of a company’s marketing maturity and provide a framework for understanding the patterns of growth.

The Hunter archetype

The first archetype is the Hunter which is characterized by the sales-driven approach and the focus on short-term results without any long-term plan. It is noted that the Hunter phase can also be applicable to larger companies depending on the mindset, not the budget. 

The Sailor archetype

The second archetype is the Sailor where companies have direction and have a plan in place to establish a structure. However, they are still reactive to circumstances and lack consolidated measurement processes. Marketing is in the early stages of campaign launches, with a few marketers on the team, but still not fully marketing-led. It is focused on generating leads rather than being accountable for results.

The Knight archetype

In the knight stage, marketing becomes more comprehensive, with a focus on multi-channel approaches, alignment between sales and marketing, and account-based marketing, which necessitates close cooperation with sales to acquire the right enterprise accounts.

The Wizard archetype

In the wizard stage there is there is not only very close alignment between the departments but the revenue department is led by somebody who oversees marketing, sales, and customer success, and sometimes even product. So they are formally one team. 

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