The greatest content marketing opportunity in B2B – ep 25

Leverage your intellectual secret sauce for growth

Have you heard the news of the B2B company that went bankrupt because it created awesome content and distributed its valuable insights and methods?

You know, the Saas that had a great marketing team that came up with new concepts, created unique positioning, published all the thinking and intelligence behind their product, evangelized it successfully… only to have it all snatched by competitors and go out of business?

Of course, you haven’t. Because it never happened and never will! Period.

But the opposite has. Countless times.

Almost DAILY you’ll read about a success story, where a technology company

  • open sourced their source code
  • created events where they invited their COMPETITORS
  • revealed their “coveted insights” in free content
    …or did all of the above, and more, and just killed it. They did the “hockey-stick growth thing” and never looked back.

This goes totally against the fear- and scarcity-driven logic that is driving most business decisions today.

Ask yourself this…

What insight, secret, process, method could you reveal, that would be of tremendous value to the marketplace?

If you do, you’ll get tons of goodwill. If you do it right, you’ll get free PR.

If you’re like us or our clients, you’ll create an event, launch it and have follow-up activation plays in place that will do more than any amount of advertising could.

Think about the power of that 👆

This topic came up because we’re getting ready to reveal much of our secret sauce: proven marketing and growth plays that get our clients high-ticket deals on a regular basis…

The way we’re gonna do it is to make sure you actually implement what we reveal… we want to make sure the value you receive doesn’t just “end up in a drawer”…

So, we’re hosting a (drumrolls) 🥁
🔥 ABM Launchpad Workshop 🔥
…where we’ll walk you through everything you need to implement the “hot B2B marketing shit that gets results” (words of a client, not mine.)
You can check out the agenda and register here.

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