8 componenets to fix your leaky messaging

Leaky messaging sucks…
It sucks buyers out of your funnels, pipeline. It leads to a leaky revenue-flow.

When you’ve got the ads, the landing page, funnel; the slide decks and collateral but still aren’t seeing the results, it may be because of incongruent/leaky messaging. Your promises and claims don’t build up into a structure in your customers’ minds. Here’s what I mean:

There are 8 specific components your messaging needs to have to preempt questions and concerns and position you.

1. The Hook: an attention grabbing statement. A short, memorable, highly descriptive/visual phrase or allegory that identifies the primary service.

2. Primary promise: define the transformation you create in clients’ businesses. This often goes 1-2 steps beyond the problem you solve. This may not differentiate your company from the competition, but that’s OK (see no. 4)

3. Unique mechanism: A defined and proven process/method/platform which is the vehicle, that guarantees the primary promise.

4. USP: a promise highlighting an advantage that sets the company apart from the competition.

5. Claims: specific results you can achieve for your client, like x% ROI// zero downtime etc.

6. Benefit statements: the outcomes, benefits resulting from your fact-based claims – eg: higher market share// stability in IT

7. Proof points: case studies, testimonails which support the claims

8. Risk reversal: defining how you will take some of the risk from your customers, ie. money-back guarantee in case of consulting or free maintenance/support for a time period.

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