A short guide on how NOT to do ABM

Hey, we have our target account list, now let’s get them on a demo!

I learned the hard way: that’s not how the world works. I was a clueless highschool bum trying to get a date (99% unsuccessfully) and my tactic was asking girls out to the movies… about 3 min into our very first conversation. Guess how that turned out?

The same way as when companies try to jump straight to a demo or a discovery call… after having spotted a minimum amount of intent. In a dating setting: the mere fact that a girl was willing to talk to me, did not mean she was ready to date.

This is both evident and funny (it wasn’t back then)… yet it’s the way most B2B marketing is done.

People know they shouldn’t try to sell right off the bat (ie – propose to marry) but trying to get a date in the form of a pre-sales call in disguise (aka discovery call) is not much better.

What you do in dating instead is: flirting (courting, if you want it more PC). In business, this translates to meaningful engagement and providing value. In ABM, we call this warmup-plays. Here are the 2 easiest ones
1. do an article and call prospect to feature them
2. Engage with their posts on Li. When they view your profile, ask what they’re working on and how you can help

Try one. You can buy me a drink later 😉

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