ABM at different stages of marketing-maturity

ABM 101… Scratch that… B2B Marketing 101!
Trust me, this never gets old.

First, account-based marketing is not a silver bullet. 

Second, it’s not a stand-alone strategy in the sense that you need good ole’ marketing operations humming in the background as you’re building out ABM plays. 

3rd, new campaigns ain’t going to work if you don’t have the basics figured out:
– ICP, aka ideal customer profile
– understanding buying committee and the decision making process
– having a brand narrative and messaging that rocks …and that is consistent across the website, case studies and other collateral… as well as in people’s minds and hearts. 

And we’re still not at the ABM point yet. This is marketing fundamentals that you need to revisit regularly. 

They’re like the peanut butter in my fridge: never gets old and I “revisit it” every couple of months. Yummi, right? 

They’re so important that the very first campaign we usually do for clients is a webinar where the main purpose is not to get SQLs and revenue but to validate product-message fit. »»

»» Do ICPs resonate with the way you frame and communicate the problem and the solution?

The gentleman in this video is Andrei Zinkevich. He and his partner, Vladimir Blagojević were my guests for episode 21 of The Electric B2B Show.

I picked their brains on how to run ABM at different stages of marketing-maturity: ABM from toddler to full-grown marketing orgs. 🙂

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