ABM research

Ah, the research! It’s such an overlooked part of account-based activities, yet it’s the foundation on which you build the marketing-castle.

Here are two common scenarios for target-market and target-account research. (Yes, they often overlap.)
1. Hey SDRs, go and build a list! Keep your data fresh. Be very meticulous… and quickly get dialing, drive them leads!

2. Hey SDRs, we’ve now got [insert name of ABM- or data-platform]. Pull the intent data and get dialing!

If target market research were this easy, everybody would be doing it right and ABM programs’ success would shoot through the roof. Good research goes beyond individual platforms; it uses several data sources in a smart, complementary way.

Good research also leverages qualitative information and data not found in SaaS platforms.

The greater the deal size, the more important is the account-based research process.

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