B2B growth 101

Do people overcomplicate B2B growth and marketing? 

There are a lot of ways to slice and dice it, but the framework and the general strategy should be pretty straightforward.

You’ll find the same main building blocks in all successful Saas and tech growth stories. 

Sales leaders and CEOs launching growth programs often get distracted by terminology and semantics… trying to grasp ‘demand gen’ and ‘ABM’ and enter martech into the conversation way too early… 

This leads teams down avenues of pointless debate and the wrong questions being asked.

If you want a strategy you can validate in a sandbox pretty much risk free… and later scale, here are the right questions to focus on initially. 

1. which of my existing buyers are easiest to sell to and what do they have in common? 

2. who is in the buying committee? » who plays a role in deciding whether to purchase our solution or not? 

3. what do our buyers need to
– believe about their status quo and
– understand intellectually about our product/alternatives
before they can decide? 

4. how does our solution/service transform the day-to-day… and eventually, the life of our target users? 

5. where can we meet our buyers to have conversations and deliver our message?

All growth starts with answering fundamental questions like the above. Then you can add more depth.

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