B2B on TikTok: yay or nay

B2B on TikTok sounds like ketchup in a jelly sandwich. Does it even belong?

Me in 2006: “social media is not for B2B”
Me in 2007: “Twitter is for B2B but not Facebook”
Me in 2012: “Tw and Facebook can work for B2B but not Instagram”

I was late to the show three times and I’m not about to repeat it with the social network that is still in its infancy for B2B: TikTok. 

So, if you betted on Twitter, FB, Instagram and Youtube too late to build an audience fast, you should seriously consider not repeating this mistake with TikTok, where you’re still on time if you act now. 

At Klear, we’re putting more and more chips on TikTok. Of course, with a scientific approach:

What we’re doing is throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks. We’re that early in the process. The hard part is figuring out why something works. 

For example, I’m getting a ton of views relative to others in my space with 20x greater followings than mine. Gotta figure out why the algo likes me. 

Tiktok is a medium that is here to stay for business and is still at the stage where you can build audiences and gain traction easily. This is no longer true for other mainstream social networks. They still work for B2B brands, but growing an audience organically is slow. 

When it will be obvious that TikTok is a killa place for business, it’ll already be too late to jump in and build an audience rapidly. 

What to do if you don’t want to repeat the same mistake you have with other networks? If you don’t want to miss the boat this time:
1. register an account
2. search for relevant hashtags, terms
3. search for creators in your space from LinkedIn – see if they’re on TT.
4. follow me: @danrenyi – let’s hook up and grow together
5. start interacting with content

Don’t pressure yourself with posting first – just snoop around and comment. When you’re ready to take the deep dive and put up a video, don’t overthink it.

I never spent more than 23 seconds planning my videos and they’re getting noticed and getting interaction.

+1: don’t let all the trash put you off from Tiktok. There’s truly a ton of crap on this network and it almost deterred me from using it. But hey, it’s the same with any large community or platform… what matters is that YOUR audience is there in a growing number.

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