Being better B2B marketers

It’s career-tips time for B2B marketers.

These are important tips for SDR/BDRs too, because your role is changing; your company needs you to step up and become a (Linkedin) marketer.

Here it goes: if you want to become a better B2B marketer, do these two things daily:
1. read great B2B content
2. write B2B content

End of story.

These’ll do more than taking any number of courses, seminars, whatever. Those can be useful, but they’ll never substitute
1. reading
2. writing
on a regular basis.

I’ve often said, that great marketing comes down to changing the way people think using: words.

To do that well, you need to master a few areas of psychology, customer research and a handful of other things exceptionally well… and never_stop_getting_better at them.

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to changing people’s perception of their situation using: words. Writing, video, podcast, the format doesn’t matter. It’s words. And the skill is called writing.

You need to excel at one of two types of writing in B2B, but it’s worth practicing both: content writing and copy writing.

The former (content writing) is creating unboring, highly awesome, engaging and educational posts about stuff the bores the hell out of most people.

Copywriting is using words to get people to take action.

Both abilities are learned through reading good examples and practicing publishing.

For reading: follow a few great companies or writers in your industry to study why and how they
1. hook you,
2. teach you and
3. make you crave for more content.
Because those are the 3 things your b2b content needs to achieve.

Publishing, writing is the hard part, until you get the hang of it. (It’s sometimes hard even after that…) What you need to do is post on Li or social media every day.

About what?

About your progress. About what you’re reading, experiencing, learning.

It can be text, it can be video, it can be going live on TikTok, whatever. What this’ll do is help you find your voice. It’ll force you to create professional content that is engaging. It’ll make you mumble, it’ll get you to sweat over words.

Which is exactly what you need, when you’re looking to become a better writer » marketer/SDR » business person.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have people who critique your writing and point out inconsistencies, logical gaps, being overly general, being boring. They’ll frustrate the crap out of you sometimes, make you sweat even more… and then motivate you, cheer you along.

They’ll help you turn into the best version of yourself and become a B2B writer.

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