Common indicators for LI and TikTok

Views, clicks, followers. According to smart people, these are so-called vanity metrics you’re not supposed to care much about.

To an extent that’s true, but here is a more nuanced approach you might find useful…

Whether or not views (or any other metric) is a meaningful indicator for YOU, depends
1. on the platform
2. on your content and distribution strategy.

Lemme give you an example:

✅ I’ve been on Li commenting and posting, connecting with people in my ICP for the past year.

✅ I follow a content strategy and don’t post cat videos to inflate engagement

✅ This gives the algorithm tons of input on whom to show my content to.

Because of the above, it’s safe to assume that new eyeballs and interactions with my content will be mostly from relevant people »»»» thus, views and interactions are meaningful indicators for me on Li.

(Not as important as DMs and inbound leads, of course.)

How do I know they’re meaningful? Because when I check out my new followers and people who interact with me, they 95% fit the profile of folks I want to be hanging out with on Li.

Again, this is true as long as I don’t go overboard with like-bait posts and keep connecting with the audience that’s right for my business goals.

‍♂️ But, this logic doesn’t currently hold for a platform I’m experimenting with: TikTok.

I’m posting B2B marketing and ABM content on TikTok, just like here on Linkedin. (Only in a bit more controversial and crazy fashion, to suit the platform).

I’m getting a nice number of views and likes, but most people interacting with my post don’t seem to have anything to do with what I’m talking about.

Because of that, on TikTok, I don’t really care about views and likes to measure traction. My goal is to increase the interactions from seemingly relevant people on my posts from the current <5% to over 50%.

When that happens, I’ll know that the algo will have figured out my goals and my network is active enough. Then I’ll be able to trust the sheer number of views and likes and hold it somewhat relevant.

Indicators are such a cool topic, yea?
I love to geek out about numbers, bc getting them right can really change your game.

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