Content distribution 2.0

Content disdribution 1.0 has a new version in town » meet new-school v2

What’s demand generation without successful content distribution?

It’s like Barcelona without Messi, peanut butter without jelly, dance without music… you get the picture: no bueno.

So, how to do it right?

In the beginning, there was content distribution 1.0:
Write something and share it on a few channels. 

And that was the end of it. 

How about a new (and much more effective) way to go about distributing content?

1. Create content. 

2. Repurpose it into 5+ other assets.

3. Distribute the 5+ repurposed assets on multiple channels.
(Some overlooked channels:
– partner companies’ owned media
– associations’ owned media)

Instantly, you get multiple times the exposure and multiple times the chance to meet buyers where and when and how they like to consume content. 

(That last point is an important argument for repurposing content.)

But the fun (and impact) don’t stop there. 

4. You shall repurpose the repurposed content… 

Common ways to do that are:
– stitching together separate pieces that belong together… or the opposite:
– breaking up longer pieces of content into bite-size pieces.

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