Core skills to excel at marketing

How do you build a marketing department for a tech product or service company?

A key question that tech leaders ask is along the lines of: from the 2352 different marketing skills and capabilities, what are some core skills I need for my first 4-5 marketing hires?

In B2B technology services and products with a >20.000 dollar ACV, these are the core marketing skills we recommend you get on board as you start to build revenue operations:

– Strategy and messaging – creating your ICP and researching your market
– copywriting – creating marketing and sales collateral
– content writing – creating articles, videos etc.
– content distribution and traffic: organic and paid traffic, marketing partnerships.
– marketing automation and funnels

Of course, there is a ton more to building marketing and revenue operations, than just hiring people, and we get into this in Episode 12. Link:

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