Creating better buying experiences

ABM is more than ads and intent data » it's about buyer experience

Today, account-based marketing – the way most people think about it – is mostly this:
1. getting intent data and
2. running account-targeted ads.

Sure, those are important things, but if they’re the focus… then ABM will lead to disappointment.

I argue that the focus of ABM should be….. 🎇 buyer experience 🎆.

Buyer experience doesn’t begin (or end) with golf or sending gifts… it begins with uncovering how your best buyers buy»» and aligning to that.

And the way you figure this out is… surprise: you talk to your best customers.

So, what makes a great buying experience? It’s not the golf and gifts and fancy content experiences…

It’s about meeting the customer with exactly what they need, when they need it, and escorting them down the pipeline without them ever noticing.

Want examples? (Who doesn’t, right?)

– creating hybrid meetups like Hiflylabs to help their market get to know a relevant, emerging technology

– creating bottom-of-funnel virtual roundtables like TRUSTDOCK Inc. – workshops that escort buyers in a BS-free way to choose the right KYC platform

– creating live webinars like Klear B2B and interacting with, getting to know the audience

Events where you actually interact with the market and prospects are gold. I’d make them mandatory in B2B. 😁 Interactive events help you set the tone and the relationship.

(That is, if it’s not pure product pitching.)

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