Demand and lead generation — thoughts on the awareness pyramid

Demand generation first, invite them into your community and nurture them before conversion

Two thoughts on the awareness pyramid…

1. when most companies speak of demand generation, they refer to targeting people in the product aware or maybe solution aware stages.

How do I know? Look at most ads – they want me, a visitor clueless about their product, to book a demo with them. So that they’ll have leads. They equate leads with demand.

Demand generation should start much earlier – possibly at the unaware stage.

2. If you start creating content for the base (early stages), make sure you have a process to lead them to later stages. While it’s easier to influence thinking at the earlier stages, it’s also easy to lose people.

They have no urgency, no immediate need and are easy prey to your competitors as well.

So once you start communicating, get them into webinars, your community, retarget them with ads and slowly but steadily lead them.

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