Demand generation: content, community, education, entertainment

Here is low hanging fruit that zero (or very few) of your competitors are using:

Go in very heavy very early in the buying journey » targeting and engaging the 97% of the market, who are NOT in buying mode.

You can win the battle with great content and building a relationship this very early in your buyers’ journey!

If you’re only focusing on companies in buying mode, you’re losing the battle to those who establish themselves with your market months before you do.

You can have the best PPC, SEO, social ninjas on the planet (they call themselves ninjas and jedis or gurus) but if you don’t make this strategic shift a priority, then you’ll be left battling in the red ocean, driving up costs for everybody.

If you can admit to yourself that
– channels are getting more crowded,
– the game is tougher in digital-land and
– trying to out-manouver competition with clever tactics is becoming a bloody battle…

…then it’ll make total sense to put more focus on winning the game early in the process.

How do you do that?
Create content, community, educate, entertain.

Easier said than done, but there are people out there who know how to do this… give them space and let them drive your demand gen strategy.

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