Does organization limit creativity?

There are two major truths that seem to contradict each other.

1. hire smart people and let them choose their way of doing things

Who wouldn’t agree, right? And how about this…:

2. document processes so that they get executed and measured predictably every time.

Both are almost undebatable truths, yet they seem to be in contradiction with one another.

Here’s how I look at it… We tell our new hirees during onboarding:

1. We have processes for certain things that have stood the test of time. They have to be followed.

2. However, nothing is set in stone: you are welcome to innovate or challenge almost EVERYTHING.

3. We always tweak our processes and the latest versions have to be followed, pretty much to the T.

Outside of documented processes, you’re encouraged to experiment. screw up and try again… an infinite number of times.

Having processes – which also serve as boundaries – in place actually frees up creativity by taking guesswork and uncertainty out of processes…

I’ve found that people who understand creativity actually welcome the boundaries that business processes create.

Building an environment that encourages creativity, freedom to experiment and innovation does not mean people do things as they please.

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