Doing ABM right

Here is encouraging success to kick things off in ABM, coming to you in the form of the shortest account based marketing case study ever:

– Product: digital identity Saas
– Average deal size: around $20K

– What they’ve been doing so far: cold outreach

– How cold outreach has been working out:

What we just tested with them: a simple webinar with a tiny audience + content hub sequence

1. re-engage closed lost and in-pipeline deals
2. create new deals from cold accounts
with a simple webinar-flow with a tiny audience.

Result: 2 sales conversations:
one from an existing deal stuck in the pipeline and
one with a new prospect.

1. Get clear on the ICP
2. Invite a few hand-picked accounts to the webby
3. Run live webinar
4. Send one simple followup message and access to the content hub
5. Watch prospects respond and schedule meetings

Next steps: scale the living *@?! out of this process and expand it for greater impact. Repeat webinar every other week.

(Again, this was a small experiment, a proof-of-concept.)

Why it worked:
1. Normally, the webinar itself is responsible for only 50% of the total impact, because we run a few other things before and after the webinar that increase its effectiveness

2. What you talk about on the webby is super important.
– Most companies spend 2 minutes discussing the problem and 18 minutes describing how their product works
– This webinar spent zero time discussing product or features.
– This webinar discussed the right questions to ask when one is looking for a software solution »» it helped with evaluating all possible solutions

(This is what your audience needs, not a features-galore.

The very problem in most markets is buyers’ obsession with features, rather than getting clear on their specific problem and the right questions they should be asking. » this is also your opportunity.)

Edit: forgot to write originally that the event wasn’t positioned as a webinar, because nobody really wants another webinar.

You’re better off calling it a live session, a discussion, a roundtable, a course, training, or something I might steal from B2B Rocks: a brain date…

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