Emotionally hooking your prospects in B2B

Get a pint of beer with a successful salesperson and have her talk about big wins.

100% of victories she’ll mention will involve emotionally hooking the prospect. In B2B, 100% of sales victories involve emotional or personal bonding.

Yet, look at most of your marketing collateral!?
Read your home page.

How much of it targets emotions? Is it playing completely to the rational mind, but not to the creative-emotional side? You are missing out big time.

Why aren’t more B2B marketers using emotion at all? (Let alone: using it well.)

That’s likely because they – perhaps subconsciously – subscribe to one or more of these myths:
– Myth 1: Facts and emotions are mutually exclusive
– Myth 2: using emotion in business is unprofessional
– Myth 3: you only need to focus on connecting on an emotional level
– Myth 4: using emotion is manipulation

I ran many split tests for clients on landing pages or in direct emails. We’d use fact-based benefits on version A versus emotionally charged results and outcomes on version B.

Conversions were defined by click-throughs or signups. In multiple tests and multiple industries, emotions outperformed pure fact-based copy by at least 26%. That was the closest the two ever got, but the average win was 50%+.

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