Executing the ideal ABM strategy

What is the FASTEST, surefire way to execute an account-based marketing strategy? Hint: it’s not a sexy, trendy thing.

For starters,
⏳ content takes a long time…
paid ads can yield fast results, but require deep market knowledge and experimentation » usually not an early-stage tactic

Here is a play we’re doing currently with three of our clients: 

1. Bizdev 2.0: building a Linkedin presence coupled with proactive outreach: thought-servantship mixed with actively reaching out to and interacting with buyers’ buying committee members. 

2. run a market research campaign, where you run research interviews with target accounts. About what? About current challenges and their perspectives/solutions to those challenges.

3. create a webinar about the findings of the research

The beauty of it all?
– you might get a few inbound leads from step 1.
– you’ll probably get leads – prospects who want to go deeper after step 2.
– you’ll get free PR and additional ammunition from step 3, leading to more opportunity.
– once you’re done peeling all the skins from the research campaign, you can do a second edition of the research… rinse, repeat!
+1: if you play your cards right, you can start building a community around the research+webinars that you’re doing
+ another 1: it’s a great excuse to reach out to closed-lost accounts, ie: it’s a reactivation tool

Launching ABM isn’t easy, but it can be a straightforward affair. Yes, there are banana peels to look out for, such as
– how you pick target accounts
– what research topics/questions you go for
– avoiding pitfalls in distribution
– not messing up how you pivot to sales after the play
…but it’s still predictable and optimizable (is there even such a word?) and yes, scalable.

As you get some momentum, you can add tech, data-sources and fancy toys. But to get started, you don’t need much.

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