failing at content marketing?

So, you’re getting into content marketing? Here’s how to fail.

The biggest threat to your brand new content strategy creating impact and influencing buyers is…………:

You. Quitting.

It’s the biggest threat because if you quit, there is no data to learn from. You can’t analyze mistakes you never made because you quit.

Doing content marketing “wrong” is a far smaller threat than not doing it.

What happens painfully often at companies is after a few initial efforts have proven hard, and no return is seen people just stop.

So, your primary challenge initially is gaining momentum. For this reason, be mindful of making content creation an organizational habit.

If it’s scalable and repurpose-able like video, that’s extra kudos because you get a greater return on every ounce of effort.

But get started with what works for your company; start putting it out there and improve quality gradually. Make every article, interview 1% better. And don’t stop, keep going.

Expect to feel like you’re in a vacuum and nobody is listening/watching/reading. This is normal for the first weeks/months.

Then you’ll gain momentum and can focus on creating killer content that stands out and rocks your buyers’ world. But that takes practice.

And making it through the void. 🙂

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