Focus on the “right” things

It’s not that the things on the left are wrong. They aren’t.

They’re just the wrong things to focus on, when creating (video) content for your market.

When you focus on the left side, you will quickly be paralyzed and overwhelmed, feel bad and hold off releases. And lose sight of the real goal, the essential.

If you look closely, you’ll recognize that the goals on the left are all about the content creator (ego-focus)… and the goals on the right are all about the audience.

And you don’t have to be a marketing genius to know which approach works.

This is so trivial, I almost feel bad for talking about it – and I wouldn’t, if there wasn’t a great deal of mis-focus (on the left) all over the B2B universe.

Thankfully, more better examples are popping up all over the place…

There’s obviously a little more to creating social videos that work to get B2B tech clients, than this image.

But this sure is the start

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