Give and take, not give and give

Be super-generous with content, don’t try to pitch and sell – the buyers will just come.

Yeah, right.
This myth feels credible, but it’s one-sided. Here’s the thing… (Not gonna be a popular, but here I go)

Agreeing with the need to give give give, I also think that in the end, you need to be able to take. To sell.

Too many great marketers are very generous with giving but lose out on win-win deals and revenue in the end, because their otherwise happy buyers aren’t led to take action.

This same mentality is behind outbound is bad.

I know as a buyer, I often have intent and a good reason to buy but keep putting it off and eventually forget it… for whatever reason… in the end, both the seller and I lose.

If a persistent seller/marketer is able to get me to take action, we’re both happy. Yes, there are companies with super brand recognition that can afford to lay back and not do any persuasion in their marketing and sales.

But just give, give, give is bad general advice.

This is one area where I think large B2B brands can learn from their smaller counterparts.

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