How do you take software from meh to wow?

How do you turn a dull software feature into a sexy theme that hits home? Here’s how I did it…

So many tech and B2B companies struggle with verbalizing the real value they bring to the table and turning it into a theme.

Even big and established companies, like the software giant I had worked for back in the day. 

This case story is about how I uncovered a value that resonated with the market at a deeper level. This theme was used for the 12-month-long global campaign and was a pretty big success.  

See, once you uncover that deeper outcome and value, all you have to do is verbalize it in a jargon-free, straightforward way. And even turn it into a theme, possibly a movement.

Digging out the deeper, real value you bring to the table was done in this case with the process of the 3 WHYs. It’s a relatively easy process.

The trick is asking WHY about the right things. 

This link has the exact process with the concrete example, as well as the type of wine I had ordered to spur my thinking:

Ps.: you may think uncovering and communicating the real value and outcomes is a marketing or worse, a copywriting issue. I believe it’s totally a strategic issue because it’s a fundamental piece of the positioning puzzle.

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