How to get your prospects to like you

People (and companies!) buy from people they
1. know
2. like
3. trust

Obvious, right? You’ve heard this 734 times – but the (multi)million dollar question is:

What’s the single most efficient way to achieve this in a digital environment?
Create great content! – I hear the resounding answer.

Yes, but in what form? The obvious way would be through personal interaction – but that can’t really drive a content strategy.

The closest (and infinitely more scalable) thing to personal interaction is: VIDEO. Almost any form of it.

Be it one-way content, (interactive) webinars, video messages, you name it. Viddy is a clear winner. Despite its success, loads of B2B companies have not gotten on board.


When we mention video, marketers and CEOs often freak out because they associate it to expensive cameras, lighting, complexity and penetrating comfort zones.

The good news is that there are guerilla video tactics that require no fancy equipment, no Hollywood-level production and almost none of the stuff people fear – but still work like gangbusters.

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