How to spot the bad apple, agency edition

So, you’re looking for solid tech/saas marketing help – and you’re unsure how to tell whether an agency boasting nice logos really know their game.

Don’t fall for the logos, look at their mindset and approach. What you want to discover 10 minutes into the conversation is this: they view sales and marketing being an integrated, customer-focused mechanism that drive revenue together.

Ask them: how do you measure the success of your work? What can I expect from our work together? If all they talk about is visitors, likes, leads and not revenue contribution, run.

Ask: how soon will we see results? If they tell you anything less than 6-8 months from building a strategy and executing from the ground up, be suspicious.

There are good B2B marketing agencies out there who know their game; they’ll talk accounts, not as much about leads… they’ll talk revenue, they’ll talk about mining your CRM for data.

Keep in mind: sales and marketing are
1. integrated,
2. customer-focused mechanism that
3. drive revenue together.

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