Ideal engagement numbers

Is 8 likes on a post cheesy? It depends.

A post with the right angle can help land enormous deals IF it gets in front of the right person. Even with minimum engagement.

When you are after high-value projects and deals… as in, account-based scenarios… you don’t need to be a celebrity with a grand following to be effective on social media.

People get discouraged easily because they have little reach initially when starting social media marketing. And then they quit.

On my very first post, I was discouraged until 9 reactions. Then after the 10th one, I got a call… and this totally changed my attitude to social.

You are here to serve. That’s how you build a brand on social. Not by trying to look smart and professional but by putting out there much or all that you know, so that you can help total strangers on LinkedIn, most of whom you’ll never meet and who will never return the favor.

But what comes around, goes around, they say… and if you put in the work and the love, it’ll find its way back to you many-fold.

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