Is your solution easy-to-implement?

We can frigin’ do this.

This is probably the most important conviction or feeling that your prospect needs to have if you want to go from maybe to a signed contract.

You can have the best credentials, references, awards and the prospect can truly think you are a genius. All these things help.

But if, at the end of the day, they feel overwhelmed by the thought of executing the project or implementing your solution, they are likely to put the deal off.

What often happens is they’ll be worried about other parts of the org, other areas being impacted by your product or service and they’ll tell themselves a narrative that is deadly for you: there will come a better time to do this. You know that it almost never comes.

Again. This is looks like a rational and responsible consideration but often it’s the FEELING of OVERWHELM and the resulting FEAR that the prospect post-rationalizes.

When we create marketing and install just a few messages in the right place to handle these feelings/objections in advance, things start to work much better instantly.

Your solution should feel like it’s an easy, straightforward affair for the customer.

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