Klear’s category design

Been going on about blue oceans and category design…

And I thought: wouldn’t it be fun if I told you how my company, Klear B2B (B2B marketing-growth agency, consultancy and training) is doing its own category design?

1. Discover and validate: we discovered from client conversations that B2B agencies’ modus operandi is often mis-aligned with clients’ interests. Thus, we came up with a new model of working that includes formalizing knowledge transfer from us to the client as well as helping them replace us by helping to hire and train them.

Then we tested our new hypothesis by talking about it openly on social – testing the concept and pitching the new model to prospects and clients.

We tweaked our concept a bit based on feedback.

2. Reframe an existing problem and infuse your own point of view: We’ve changed our messaging and content to educate B2B tech companies: you may think that you need marketing results from an agency… but what you really need is a growth partner who not only gets you results, but also leads you to build your own growth organization, so that you can grow independently.

3. Languaging: create your unique terminology and give form to your unique mechanism.

4. Promote the category – instead of pushing your solution in your marketing, promote your new way of thinking, your unique point of view… and watch your clients and then your market (including competitors!) adopt your thinking, language.

We’re doing this through video-led content strategy and later doing webinars and summits around the topic.

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