Lauching a B2B video initiative in 3,2,1

3+1 commandments for launching a B2B video initiative

I’m probably the 2357th person to tell you that video works like gangbusters for getting sales opportunities.

What the 2356 people before me might not have said is how easy it is to mess it up.

We’re sharing this based on having launched our own video-driven show (which gets us clients) and having done the same for tech companies looking to blow up their pipeline (and they also get clients).

(If you do it right.)

1. Thou shall have a strategy. Every piece you create serves the greater goal of helping target accounts with the right info.

2. Thou shall use simple language. You are usually targeting managers/directors who are probably unfamiliar with your lingo. Stop trying to impress peers and competitors, so use language your ICPs get.

3. Thou shall not be a prefectionist. Taking a video from 90% done to 99%, takes as much time as going from 0 to 90%. Aim for good enough – otherwise, you’ll never get it off the ground.

+1: Remember: your prospects don’t care about you. They only care about themselves. Specifically: what you can do for them. So, stop obsessing over how you look, sound, talk. Being imperfect will not hurt your brand. It will make it easier to relate to you.

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