LinedIn isn’t social media

Are you showing up regularly and kicking butt on Linkedin? If not – if you think there is a lot more to Li than what you’re currently getting out of it – then here is some uncommon, but helpful advice:

Don’t think of Linkedin as social media.

You see, in your mind, anything that is in the social media bucket is probably stuff that is mostly a waste of time – like most of social media.

But for you, Linkedin doesn’t belong in that mental-category. For you, it’s a business- and career-building platform.

It’s also a freakishly effective awareness building – and yes – client-getting channel.

If you remove Li from the social media distraction bucket and move it to where it belongs: in the business building bucket… you’ll find yourself prioritizing it.

The back-story to this observation is fascinating, if you’re into psychology:

I had noticed that despite of seeing promising results from doing LinkedIn regularly, I tended to put off posting and commenting ’till the afternoon hours.

I would first get important stuff done. Then, afternoon posting would often turn into evening, which would end up just not happening and telling myself mañana, as I collapsed into bed at midnight.

I thought, this is weird: Why do I keep putting off something that I enjoy doing and has proven to be very beneficial?

And I found this… I almost felt guilty doing Li because I enjoyed it and it’s social media. Something I’m not supposed to do before getting important stuff done.

Everything in quotes above are stupid mental limitations that have set off a false alarm every time I started doing LinkedIn mid-day or got on Slack to give (and get) advice in RevGenius, Peak Community or recently The Trenches communities.

Isn’t that dumb? It is, but it’s also fascinating from a cultural/psychological point of view.

Be mindful of these little mind-traps…

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