long-term success vs. short-term success in B2B marketing

How to spend your resources on things that give you 0 ROI vs. how to not

Freshly funded Saas CEO: we’ve got money. 

Average marketer: And a good product. 

CEO: Gimme a plan to “hockey-stick” and triple revenue in 19 months!

Marketer: Sure. We’ll dominate all the growth channels.
I’ll hire the best
seo agency
ppc agency
social media agency
growth hacker
ux person
(the list goes on)
Marketer: Also, did you say we have money? Let’s sponsor events, do trade shows and get explainer videos produced. 

—— 12 months later —-
CEO: you’ve been promising me results, but all I see is fluffy vantiy metrics I don’t care about. Where are the results? 

Marketer: ……

Where did it go wrong? What does this mix, this “all-star team” lack?
deep understanding of your customer
deep understanding of your product/service
your sales process

It lacks all the fine elements needed for growth orchestration and long term success. 

The cement that holds the pieces together.
It also lacks the plans and vision needed to construct a dream house. 

The other piece of bad news is that channel-specific hacks are working less and less.

The right strategy, positioning and the ability to execute win the day.

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