Making B2B brands exciting

What if your B2B brand were exciting?

You know, like the way the best consumer brands hook crowds and turn them into followers. Heck, disciples.

Yes, you can do that even in dull and boring B2B sectors: have your brand explode and have people talking even outside your market.

The best of the best B2B brands are doing it because they understand and activate a simple human mechanism that’s as old as humanity: 

The power of story and the use of emotional drivers.

If you want attention and differentiation, the best way is to incorporate emotion into your communication. Good news: It’s not a creative or communication-trick. It’s about strategy.

Here’s how you go about it in 3 steps:

1. understand your buyer personas. (No surprise there.)

2. understand that (s)he has 3 levels of problems. Besides the obvious external level, there is a deeper
– psychological problem. Even deeper, there may be a
– philosophical problem.

If you speak to these fears/challenges, you activate emotions on three levels. Instead of just the most superficial level of external problems.

3. devise a brand narrative and incorporate THIS into it.

You will not believe how high your brand will rise if you apply this simple strategy.

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