Marketing boring things

Raise your hand if you like to market and sell boring, uninteresting things…

I hear crickets.
Who does, right? Actually, I kinda do now.

Here is a challenge: can you create something exciting out of something that is unsexy?

Ok, it’s easy to create a story around already popular, technologically-superior, attractive products that are cool.

But mundane items, like nuts and bolts, also need fame. They serve super-important roles and they need to be sold.

And the people who are buyers of boring things deserve to be engaged, entertained and treated right by marketers.

Here’s my take on how to create excitement around «unfun» and «unsexy» products, services:
1. Demonstrate what would happen if the product didn’t exist
2. Take people backstage, show ‘em how the thing is made!
3. Show ‘em what people experience from the quality
4. Acknowledge that people take the product for granted and show the thought, the love, the quality that goes into the manufacturing process (see #2) despite the product being invisible or taken for granted.

Sounds pretty doable, huh?
Attached here is an awesome video about a bolt. A single bolt. Shows you all the excitement you can create around it.

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