Marketing-led proposals

I will get stoned for this, but oh well, here it is:
Marketing needs to lead the proposal-process in your company.

I say this, because we end up creating it at so many clients who start working with us.

The proposal, as a whole, should accurately reflect your brand narrative. What’s that?

It’s how you help solve your buyer’s problems – framed as a story, where the buyer is the hero.

Also, creating a proposal should actually be a series of well-planned, steps that have to include face to face meetings, and presenting the right supportive material to the client… on a content hub, not email attachments.

Marketing needs to be involved at the minimum, optimally lead the architecting of the process. Then of course, sales will drive it.

In the first comment I have a link for you on 5 rules that if you follow, the acceptance rate will be higher: almost overnight.

The first two rules are:
1. don’t send proposals. That’s right. You need to present it first and have a conversation. Then you can send the written thing. No exceptions to this hard rule.

2. Talk about money early. This should actually precede the entire proposal-process – because unless there is a budget for the problem you’re solving, nobody should be wasting time with presentations and written proposals.

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