Niching down for IT development companies

You have teeth, right? You likely also own a few spoons. Yet, you still buy a bottle opener to open bottles and don’t use your teeth or other utensils.

Because: people and companies are drawn to specialized solutions.

Or – this is important – what they *perceive* to be a specialist solution. For their use case.

Weirdly, for that reason, being good at everything can be a drawback. That’s only half true… more specifically: not communicating how and why you’re special for a given business scenario is a drawback.

Lemme elaborate…

Take for example, IT development companies. This becomes super apparent when they’re trying to leave their domestic markets to go international. 

Who knew being able to code anything, anywhere, on any device was a problem?

How is it a problem, you ask?

Because you’re spreading yourself too thin trying to beat the competition for a given project with a given technology in a given industry. Chances are, there are about 587 different providers out there that have been around longer, know the market better or can possibly do exactly what you do. 

The problem then isn’t being a jack of all trades, but in fact, it’s the lack of positioning. 

This is even more true if the competition is tough.

Same logic.

If you’re an IT development company, here’s why niching down is your best bet:

– Easier to specialize when creating marketing operations in a competitive market.
– Ability to center your positioning and messaging around one solution in one domain
– Higher chances of beating the competition.

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