Outbound direct campaigns, the ABM way

If you’re a sales leader, this will strike close to home:
outbound direct marketing rocks.

As unfashionable as this opinion is… I love outbound direct campaigns on LinkedIn and email, even on the phone. ABM-style.

Some dismiss these types of B2B campaigns as: “not real marketing, it’s just doing sales on marketing channels.”

Honestly, I don’t really care about what people consider “real marketing”. I care about what works for growth. And believe me, outbound direct marketing – *when executed in a smart way* – works. Period.

And no, outbound doesn’t destroy brand (as the crowds of people who have never done outbound direct marketing claim…)

But again, you have to do it right. 

So how to do it right? There are a few key elements you have to have straight:
1. Understnading your ICP
2. Clear positioning for your ICP
3. Clean data
4. The right sequence/process for outreach
5. The right expectations and KPIs


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