Paradigm shift in leadgen

In many places, the majority of cold leadgen efforts are quantifiably wasted, thrown out the window.

The worst part: some leaders are reluctant to admit this to themselves – which would start with calculating the loss they’re generating each month doing cold outbound with 3 SDRs and getting peanuts in return (at best).

When asked what the solution is, they can’t get out of the old paradigm and think that if only they found a magic email-formula or some outside-the-box form of engagement, they’d break the ice and things would start working.

It takes courage to leave the paradigm that’s not working and start looking at new systems rather than trying to patch up the old one that clearly doesn’t work any more.

Part of the challenge is that there always seems to be one new ray of hope (new shiny object or idea) that’ll make you think I’ll just try that one_more_thing… and so they get stuck.

Now, here is an important disclaimer: I’d want to be the last person who sounds like they’re condescendingly smart-assing over others’ mistakes.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve been guilty of this mental trap myself in my sordid past. I’m writing about it so that others may avoid getting stuck in this thinking-pattern.

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