Personalized B2B marketing through digital events

One of the most straight-forward ways to make B2B marketing not just personalized but actually HUMAN, is to do events. As in, digital events.

Now, you don’t always have to default to webinars. Framed differently, an online meeting with an audience (aka webinar) can actually be small-group meetings with different purposes/outcomes.

You can position these as higher-value client meetings or coaching sessions/strategy sessions. Start with how small or large online meetings can serve your broader marketing/demand generation/sales development initiatives.

But again, the straight-forward way of starting out with this is a classic webinar. There are two types of webinars that are easy to start with.

One overlooked and seldom-used webinar-type is the product-blueprint webinar. We use this to engage warm leads, the low hanging fruit.

In this webinar-type, you have someone do a pumped up, beast mode demo of current and beta features of your product. Be sure you really highlight how it will serve the transformation your buyer persona is after. Make it about outcomes, not features.

The best time to start doing webinars and engage your audience with video and audio was 3 years ago. The second best time is now, so go for it!

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